The Boho Wedding How Do I Achive It?

Boho what is it?  What is a boho wedding? 

I have owned and run for 12 years. One of the first things I ask a bride is what style of wedding are you planing? 

Where is the wedding and reception being held? 

The answers to these questions tells me so much about the brides concept of her wedding. If the answer is boho, lets stop there. Who understands the term or meaning of boho? 

For a start boho is the shortened modern slang word for Bohemian. 

If you ask Wikipedia the simple explanation is..... ... Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits. In this context, Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.Sep 24, 2012

If your looking for a more detailed explanation this is a wonderful source...

I've posted a few things recently on my Facebook page @struttbridal in regards to boho wedding inspired dresses, which has lead me to this point of explaining ( my version of ) boho. 

Both of these dresses are considered boho but quite different. These are from our


The origin of Bohemian can be traced back to the 1930's, the name derived from a group of unconventional, french artists  as a way to distinguish themselves from the french middle-class, whose values they didn’t support. The bohemians created their own image of the bourjois. They labeled them as being narrow-minded, ignorant and commercial with a strong disinterest in art. That way, the bohemian look has grown from a strong wish to set themselves apart. There I understood that bohemia is not a fashion movement, it is an attitude.

This blog is a wonderful invite to the origins and definitely worth a read. 

But what if your trying to create this look for your wedding? You need to break it down further 

Are you boho chic ? Featured next is a bride who embraced her individually, an important fundamental component of boho. We took a Morilee bridesmaids dress and customised it for her. I will do a follow up blog on customisation in the future. 





or maybe your the country style boho? 

Or country rustic ? 

See where this is going? 

Boho is about embracing the whimsical the off beat your own unique self. This next bride is also one of ours she chose to customise another Morilee bridesmaids dress. We added sleeves a chocolate velvet ribbon and raised the front hem. The wow factor is how she chose to style it an olive green fur poncho and vintage leather boots topped of with an amazing free spirited bouquet. Perfect for a Tasmanian winter wedding. 



Credit to Chelsea Parsons for the above pictures:-) 

#tasmanianrealbrides #winterbohowedding 

 You might fancy a romantic boho wedding this Morilee dress would be perfect ..


 Some of the skill of a boho wedding is in how you put things together ...or not. 

It's perfectly ok to be mismatched. The seventies was the hippy period in both fashion and ideology even art deco inspired dresses like the following from Morilee can work as boho. The picture is showing a more formal version but if you loosen the hair pop in some loose flowers a thick braid maybe and a bouquet of wild flowers .....


It's about the unexpected the non conforming the nonsensical..

This dress is from another of our suppliers 


Colour is another way you can embrace the boho feel . Wedding dresses are not much different to a simple black dress, in the sense you can change a black dress dramatically with different accessories the same goes for a wedding dress. Your hair ..


Your reception decorations even the style of cake adds the layers of the look your creating  




Even to a more traditional dress a throw, shawl or fur combined with bouquet, shoes jewellery and hair enable you to embrace your inner boho. 

If you can up cycle, recycle, reuse that's fantastic all are an essence of the boho ideology. 


 Old doilies are wonderful....



Old lace runners, or new ones stepped in coffee or tea to give them a more vintage look.  


the local pub would be glad to give you the empties to use for decorations!

A bit of 70's macrame string goes a long way. 

So weather your a beach boho like this Morilee dress....

..or rustic boho or chick boho....whichever it is I hope this has inspired you to explore and embrace your sense of self. Take the manufactured version and give it a twist and a sense of you. 
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  • Lyn says...

    This is gorgeous. It wants me to be a bride all over again but I feel after 38 years of happy marriage I wouldn’t quite look the way my mind has me looking. An amazing read….. well done Rhonda ????

    July 12, 2017

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