The Boho Wedding How Do I Achive It?

Boho what is it?  What is a boho wedding? 

I have owned and run for 12 years. One of the first things I ask a bride is what style of wedding are you planing? 

Where is the wedding and reception being held? 

The answers to these questions tells me so much about the brides concept of her wedding. If the answer is boho, lets stop there. Who understands the term or meaning of boho? 

For a start boho is the shortened modern slang word for Bohemian. 

If you ask Wikipedia the simple explanation is..... ... Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits. In this context, Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds.Sep 24, 2012

If your looking for a more detailed explanation this is a wonderful source...

I've posted a few things recently on my Facebook page @struttbridal in regards to boho wedding inspired dresses, which has lead me to this point of explaining ( my version of ) boho. 

Both of these dresses are considered boho but quite different. These are from our


The origin of Bohemian can be traced back to the 1930's, the name derived from a group of unconventional, french artists  as a way to distinguish themselves from the french middle-class, whose values they didn’t support. The bohemians created their own image of the bourjois. They labeled them as being narrow-minded, ignorant and commercial with a strong disinterest in art. That way, the bohemian look has grown from a strong wish to set themselves apart. There I understood that bohemia is not a fashion movement, it is an attitude.

This blog is a wonderful invite to the origins and definitely worth a read. 

But what if your trying to create this look for your wedding? You need to break it down further 

Are you boho chic ? Featured next is a bride who embraced her individually, an important fundamental component of boho. We took a Morilee bridesmaids dress and customised it for her. I will do a follow up blog on customisation in the future. 





or maybe your the country style boho? 

Or country rustic ? 

See where this is going? 

Boho is about embracing the whimsical the off beat your own unique self. This next bride is also one of ours she chose to customise another Morilee bridesmaids dress. We added sleeves a chocolate velvet ribbon and raised the front hem. The wow factor is how she chose to style it an olive green fur poncho and vintage leather boots topped of with an amazing free spirited bouquet. Perfect for a Tasmanian winter wedding. 



Credit to Chelsea Parsons for the above pictures:-) 

#tasmanianrealbrides #winterbohowedding 

 You might fancy a romantic boho wedding this Morilee dress would be perfect ..


 Some of the skill of a boho wedding is in how you put things together ...or not. 

It's perfectly ok to be mismatched. The seventies was the hippy period in both fashion and ideology even art deco inspired dresses like the following from Morilee can work as boho. The picture is showing a more formal version but if you loosen the hair pop in some loose flowers a thick braid maybe and a bouquet of wild flowers .....


It's about the unexpected the non conforming the nonsensical..

This dress is from another of our suppliers 


Colour is another way you can embrace the boho feel . Wedding dresses are not much different to a simple black dress, in the sense you can change a black dress dramatically with different accessories the same goes for a wedding dress. Your hair ..


Your reception decorations even the style of cake adds the layers of the look your creating  




Even to a more traditional dress a throw, shawl or fur combined with bouquet, shoes jewellery and hair enable you to embrace your inner boho. 

If you can up cycle, recycle, reuse that's fantastic all are an essence of the boho ideology. 


 Old doilies are wonderful....



Old lace runners, or new ones stepped in coffee or tea to give them a more vintage look.  


the local pub would be glad to give you the empties to use for decorations!

A bit of 70's macrame string goes a long way. 

So weather your a beach boho like this Morilee dress....

..or rustic boho or chick boho....whichever it is I hope this has inspired you to explore and embrace your sense of self. Take the manufactured version and give it a twist and a sense of you. 
Feel free to leave a comment below

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Victims of Violence Fundraiser

 How good does it feel when you help out in your local community??

Every good deed goes along way and encourages others to do more

Help us raise awareness and funds for domestic violence victims.

As some of you may know as well as Rhonda's collection I also own a bricks and mortar store in Moonah Tasmania called Strutt Design Studio.  Annually we hold an in store fundraiser to raise much needed funds for local charities and organisations.

This year our focus is domestic violence. This is a topic that is repeatedly mentioned on news programs and really touches our hearts. Unfortunately many families are affected by this, not only in Tasmania but Australia wide. We have joined forces with the Moonah Rotary Club to help them in their efforts to support local domestic violence organisations.

Rotary Club of Moonah

Once a person is affected by domestic violence, in most cases they are forced to leave their home and belongings behind. Women, 
children and men from all walks of life can be victims. Rotary clubs work with  organisations which offer support programs, housing , and necessities like clothing to help victims get back on their feet. Some local organisations and  support groups include:


Our fundraiser night will be held at Strutt (71a Main road Moonah) on the 9th June at 6.30 PM.

Listed below is what to expect on the night.

On arrival you will be greeted by one of Strutt's friendly staff members who will offer you your first free drink (any others will incur a gold coin donation), then they will offer you a goodie bag full of special coupons and deals from local businesses. 

A guest speaker from the Moonah Rotary Club will inform you on where your money will be going, and give you a little more information about how they assist domestic violence programs. 

There will be great store specials on our fashion and accessories with 10% off all sales being donated.

You can't have a fundraiser without a raffle! We have put together a fantastic raffle prize which is valued at $149.95! Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. The winner will be announced that night. (Tickets can be purchased before the event at Strutt or through Moonah Rotary). All raffle money will be donated. 


Home We have arranged 3 gorgeous ladies (who are  not professional models) to do an informal  fashion parade to showcase the latest fashion  trends. Strutt's fashion comprises of casual,  cocktail evening and bridal. A little from all these  areas will be showcased.



 I will have a small display of  Rhonda's Collections to  show my new winter  arrivals. I have also hand  made some fantastic  dressing gowns which are  exclusive to Rhonda's  Collection! I will be taking  party bookings on the night.






Bridget Bowerman who is also a staff member of Strutt is a Your inspiration at home consultant. YIAH is a fantastic company that produce preservative free cooking products. Bridget will be preparing all the finger food for the night using YIAH from her kit.








Music for the night will be provided by Sticks and Kane (acoustic duo)




We would love for you to attend this event to raise money and awareness for domestic violence victims.

If you would like to attend please contact STRUTT by calling 62280233 so we can confirm numbers. 

Please leave us feedback if you have any further ideas to make this event even bigger and better!!

We hope reading this will inspire you to get out and be involved more in your local community. Whether you hold an event like ours, donate to a great cause or volunteer your time, the people on the other end will be extremely thankful :)

PS!!!! Please share with all your friends. 



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Dressing With Ageless Fashion for Over 35 and Under 60


Oh, the dreadful 'Mom Jeans'. Just because we've aged a little doesn't mean our fashion statement has to be restricted to clothing that can only be found in the 'old people' section of generic clothing stores. It's like you get to your 30's and through to you're 60's and you're suddenly stuck in no man's land of fashion trends; clothing is either too young looking or too old lady-ish. However, that no longer has to be the case as Rhonda's Collections has incredible fashion for ladies who are experiencing the what-seem-like inevitable difficulties of dressing in fashion for the over 35 and under 60.


The Rules of Thumbs to Shopping Today's Fashion Trends

Fashion and style truly comes down to your personal preference, so please take these fashion trends tips as guidelines. With that said, there are some clothing items and fashion trends that don't seem to work as well with your age once you hit the age of 35 and all the way through 60, and they can have you appearing too young or way too old for your liking. While teenagers can certainly get away with purchasing $5 tees that are made of poor quality, you'll see that once you've grown out of that stage, the same quality of fabrics are frumpy and unflattering. They also won't last very long, so as a rule of thumb, stick with clothes that you absolutely love and want in your closet for seasons upon seasons, and this will help you steer clear of that $5 rack. Another rule of thumb to shopping today's fashion trends is to always stick with styles that are flattering on you. Don't feel obligated to shop something just because it's in season. Purchase for your body shape and preference, and the style will definitely follow.


The 'Never Allowed' List of Fashion Items 

It only makes sense to start this list of fashion to avoid with mom jeans. They don't even need an explanation. You know what they are, and you might even have some in your closet. Get rid of them. They aren't working to your fashionable benefit. There are also many clothing items that can just be written off as a no-go for dressing over 35 and under 60. Really short shorts - daisy duke styles that show the bottom of your tush are a never, as are mini skirts, baggy jeans, unfitted blazers, baggy sweatpants and skirts that are too long. Dressing for ageless fashion is all about choosing flattering fashion trends and fabrics, and these clothing items to avoid put an era stamp on your forehead. The ideal length for skirts and dresses for women over 35 and under 80 is just above or on top of the knee with the only exceptions being for really petite women as this can be too long for their shape, and of course, maxi dresses.


The Classic Fashion Trends Every Lady Needs 

If we just ruled out your entire wardrobe, you might have some shopping to do and in that case, there are some classic fashion trends and pieces that every wardrobe needs. Having these timeless staples in your closet will enhance your wardrobe's versatility and longevity. Once you have these, the thorough fashion appeal follows. Make sure you have a white button down shirt somewhere, but not one with frills or padded shoulders. Just a basic, old plain white button down shirt is all you need. You should also always have a "go to" dress in your closet to prepare you for all occasions and new wardrobe pieces. It doesn't have to be a little black dress, but something flattering and fitting that can be the ultimate choice for day to night wear. Don't forget to always have a great pair of jeans. Try to stick with a style that is timeless and not necessarily ‘just in season’ such as boot cuts instead of flairs because the latter will eventually go out of style. Choosing darker denim is also recommended and make sure that they fit your body shape properly so you can reap all the benefits. Lastly, get your hands on a well-fitted blazer - something that is timeless and can easily be worn with everything from your white dress down, dress or jeans. Just be sure to place emphasis on the 'fitted' part to keep your fashion desires alive.



See! Dressing for over 35 and under 60 doesn't have to be a hassle after all. You just have to pay attention to the "no go's" and the "must have" items that will pair perfectly with whatever new additions you add into your wardrobe, such as the latest fashion trends that come with each season that will also keep your wardrobe current.

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Dressing For A Pear, Apple or Inverted Triangle Body Shape

When it comes to dressing the best for any age, there is nothing more important than dressing for your shape. The three most common body shapes for women over 35 and under 60 are pear, apple and inverted triangle, and there are some fashion tips and shopping secrets that will help you achieve the best look that will also make you feel incredible. Since we all know there is nothing worse than wearing unflattering clothes that 'just aren't you', there's no reason why you should be feeling weighed down by unflattering and frumpy fashion and styles. The ultimate secret is to shop fashion styles that emphasis your body shape's natural strengths. So let's find out how you can do just that with Rhonda's Collections.


For The Pear Shape 

If your body tends to be wider than your shoulder, has an elongated waist, shorter legs in comparison to your entire body, with thicker thighs and maybe even a Kim Kardashian booty, you could very well have a pear shaped body. Since your hips are likely the widest part of your body, you want to try to balance out the rest. Shopping styles with fitted shoulders that bring the attention to your upper body is always a bonus. Things such as statement necklaces and scarves and even stylish shirts with breast pockets or a v-neck will also help to do just that. Additionally, you may want to try to give the impression of having longer legs, which can easily be done with shorter jackets or high waist jeans - the fashionable kinds. Bootleg cuts are also an excellent choice for jeans and pants. You also want to wear trousers that are not too tight or light. On the fancier side of things, A-line dresses are an absolute must but try to find styles that have really defined shoulders and prominent lines. Shoes that have an ankle strap or short boots will shorten your legs, so take a step forward in high boots to give yourself longer limbs.



For the

Common Apple Shape 

If you don't really have a defined waist, average to large breasts and tend to have most of your weight in your stomach, you could very well be an apple shaped body type, and it is very common after the age of 40, thanks to the wonderful (peri)menopause and other aging factors. Fortunately, you can definitely dress to impress and to feel great with fashion for apple shapes. Since your natural body shape tends to bring the attention to your upper body, you can use this to your full advantage by shopping shirts that highlight the slimmest point which is likely right under your bust. This is exactly why proper fit is so important. Structured fashion pieces are officially your forte. Tops with ties around the waist or even a thin waist belt can help achieve this look. Just be sure that your tops aren't too tight or too wide, as this will emphasize your apple shape as opposed to working with it. V-necks are excellent, and patterns and thicker textures are a must. Any detailing around the stomach area will act as camouflage for any weight you're carrying. The exact same fashion rules can be applied to the other items in your wardrobe. Your dresses should be fitted around the waist, and jeans that are not too tight or clingy are your best option. Well-structured pencil skirts are also a must.


For the Inverted Triangle

The third most common body shape for women over 35 and under 60 is the inverted triangle. The upper part of your body is likely larger than your body, and shoulders are wider than you hips. You may have a small bust and petite hips as well. Fortunately, this is a pretty easy body shape to dress for, as long as you have some secret shopping tips and dressing tricks. The key is to try to create vertical lines within your wardrobe, so think vertical stripes. Opening up your upper body is also recommended, and open necklines tops such as v-necks, scoop necks and halter tees are an excellent style on you. Darker colours are always a plus and strapless gowns and tops will also help to draw the attention away from the wider parts of your body. Soften your wide shoulders even more with feminine textures and fabrics, and avoid bringing too much attention to this area. Jackets should be tailored and elongating, as opposed to short and loose. As for pants, you can balance out the look with a-line skirts and bold textures. Fuller legs and boot cut jeans are a great fit for you, and having bottoms with pockets or details helps even out your body shape even more.


Pear, apple and inverted triangle body shapes seem to be the most common ones for women over 35 and under 60, but if you didn't find your body shape throughout these fashion tips, let us know and we would be more than happy to select some times and reveal the secrets to shopping that you need. Be sure to also sign up for your newsletter to receive exclusive discounts, sales and shopping experiences such as Tasmania Shopping Parties straight from Rhonda's Collections.


Please also take a look at for everything evening, bridal and also a selection of casual wear. 

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How To Get Out Of A Fashion Faux Pas Phase


Chances are that since dressing for over 35 and under 60 has been so difficult before finding Rhonda's Collection, you may feel like you're still stuck in a fashion rut; in a phase full of fashion faux pas for your age. It's no secret that when you don't look great, you don't feel as fabulous and amazing as you should. That's also not to mention that the increased weight, added hormones, health issues and stress of getting higher up on the age scale can really drag you down even more. Fortunately, fashion can really be the answer to get your spirits back to enjoyable levels and get your wardrobe back to being a stylish one. So here are some of the most common fashion faux pas phases and style ruts us ladies find ourselves in from time to time, and how to get out of them.



The "I'm Too Old To Look Amazing" Fashion Faux Pas


Yes, ladies, the way you feel about yourself can certainly be a fashion faux pas if it is negative. There is no way that you can ever be too old to look good. Just think about some of those celebrities out there, and I know you've seen some sexy older ladies strutting style specific to their age. You just simply are never too old to develop your own sense of style and to find what works for you. No added grey hairs or newly formed wrinkles should drag you down because you can definitely use your style and the fashion trends to rejuvenate your look, making you feel and look youthful. Just add in a new pair of statement shoes into your wardrobe to turn some heads, or wear a modern chunky necklace that will certainly spice things up a bit. Once you have that little added dose of style, your mood should turn right around which is the most important thing about fashion.




Khaki Vest




The "I'm Too Fat To Look Amazing"

Fashion Faux Pas


Gaining weight is something that just sometimes happens, and an increased body size doesn't have to be an excuse for you to throw your fashionable style in the trash. It can definitely be hard dressing for a body that has changed, and even if you have to adjust to a bigger waist size, larger shirts or bigger hips, you don't have to look or feel frumpy. You just have to roll with it and learn the new set of style secrets and fashion tips that will teach you how to rock your newfound curves. As soon as you discover what works best for your new body, you can find the ultimate style pieces that will accentuate the areas that you want to show off, while hiding the ones you may not be so fond of. Soon you will see that you can look absolutely astonishing, regardless of what size reads on the tags.



The "I Have No Style" Fashion Faux Pas


If you feel like you don't have a sense of style, don't neglect yourself to the incredible fashion trends by just forgetting about fashion altogether. Find some inspiration; things that make you excited about your wardrobe again and certainly, you will find that you definitely do still have your own sense of style. Watch some fashion shows or read a fashion magazine. You may even want to get a little crafty and create a picture board of things that truly delight you within the fashion industry. Once you have everything that excites you about style right in front of you, you will be able to see what peaks your interests and can then head on over to shopping central at Rhonda's Collection to find things just like that to add into your wardrobe. Everyone has style. Sometimes, you just have to take a little bit more time to find it.


The "I Have No Time or Money for Style" Fashion Faux Pas


Today is your lucky day because with the modern technology, you can shop online and within seconds, have a new wardrobe knocking on your front door. The truth is though, if you want to feel better about your fashion trends and self, you need to make time for it. Everyone has 24 hours a day, and if you truly don’t feel like you can find the time to make yourself happy by going on a shopping spree, juggle some things around and free up some space in your schedule because you deserve to treat yourself and feel amazing. As for the money fashion faux pas that everyone struggles with from time to time, style doesn't have a price. You can wear a million dollar gown and still not have style or feel good about yourself because fashion has so much more to do with how you feel in the clothes that you wear, than what you are actually wearing. If you love a $20 dress, you are bound to feel significantly better in it than a brand name designer gown you just purchased. You may not even have to go shopping, and sitting down and mixing and matching your current wardrobe could be all you need to pick your stylish spirits back up. Do what works for your budget, but dedicate some time to making yourself look and feel fabulous. Signing up for our newsletter will give you exclusive deals and discounts to make shopping more frugal for you.



Your clothes look better when you feel amazing in them. So pick yourself up out of that fashion faux pas rut and grab yourself some new timeless fashion pieces from Rhonda's Collections. It's about how you portray yourself, and not how the fabrics portray you.

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My first Blog, welcome to Rhonda's Collections!

Well this is my very first blog. I suppose I should start by telling you a little about myself and my business.THIS IS ME!!!!!!


My name is Rhonda Langford. I am the owner and operator of a ladies fashion boutique and bridal store in Tasmania called Strutt Design Studio.                        

Jump on the website and check it out

I am a dressmaker by trade and have operated Strutt for 10 years. Strutt started as a party plan business all those years ago and today is a successful small business proudly employing five very talented ladies. 

On my buying trips for Strutt I found many things I liked but weren't really right for my Strutt customers. So, I then decided to return to my roots and create a mobile boutique where I would go to peoples homes where everyone can play 'dress ups'!  I advise and help style the ladies, all in the comfortable environment of the home of the hostess. For something a little different in the home party market, I decided to make it 'buy and take' on the night. There's nothing for the hostess to do except have a good time with friends, try on some lovely clothes from an exclusive range and maybe go home with something that little bit special!

My website is an extension of that exclusive in-home experience and the collection is constantly evolving depending on my customer's needs and requests.

Yes I am small, but I see this as an advantage. This website is not like thousands of others you will find. I don't have hundreds of garments stored in a warehouse. I stock limited ranges and plan on producing unique, individual one of a kind pieces. This means if you see something you like be quick as it might not be available tomorrow.

My aim is to introduce a "Made in Tasmania" section to the site as I love supporting locally grown and made items. Keep visiting this site regularly (or sign up to receive newsletters) to see what's happening and what is new. 

The to date the collection has been smart, casual and  easy-to-wear clothes, mostly tops, tunics and casual dresses but I am looking to also introduce a semi-formal cocktail line for the summer party and festive season.





I am still doing home presentations in Tasmania as well as fashion parades and parties for charity fundraisers. Rhonda's Collections recently hosted a fundraiser for the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea. I was pleased that everyone had a wonderful time and and we raised over $400!!



Thank you for taking the time to read my first blog ! I'm excited you have come to take a look at what I have to Offer. I hope you like what you have seen so far and will enjoy seeing my new ranges as I release them.

If you would like to have an in-home presentation, please see my contact details on the main home page. 

I am a proud Tasmanian business so ..

WATCH THIS SPACE for exciting deals, fabulous new items, styling tips, hints and other informative fun things.

Feel free to share this blog, recommend this website, and follow us on Facebook for titbits and information and sign up for our newsletter.

Cheers, Rhonda xx

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